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Frequently Asked Questions


999Talk Landline Instant

Q- Are there any subscription or registration fees?
A- No! 999Talk Landline Instant is immediately accessible from all UK landlines and mobiles without any subscription or registration fees. You can make cheap international long distance calls at any time.

Q- How can I find your rates and access numbers?
A- We offer competitive rates to most of the countries around the Globe, for price list click Lanline Instant.

Q- Can I use 999Talk Landline Instant from my mobile?
A- Yes. But please check the rates for 08- and 09- numbers with your mobile provider. Depending on your calling plan, certain access numbers can be truly useful for you to make cheap or even free international phone calls from your mobile.

Q- Can I use 999Talk Landline Instant access number from a payphone?
A- Yes. But 08- and 09- numbers can be charged at a higher rate from payphones.

Q- How do I know about the latest rates and destination updates?
A- Call rates are announced before each connection, this way you are always in control of your costs.

Q- Are the 999Talk Landline Instant numbers charged the same by all landline service providers?
A- The rates mentioned for the access numbers are with respect to BT. The charges for customers from Virgin (NTL / Telewest) or any other service provider might vary a little and we always recommend checking this with your provider in advance.

Q- I was told by my service provider you charge at premium rate, which is really expensive?
A- Only 09- numbers are classified as premium rate; however prices for premium rate numbers vary enormously depending on which number you are ringing. Premium rate is not necessarily expensive as charges start from as little as 1p/min.

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